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Monday, 05 September 2011 08:07

BuildingTouristic hotel “MZETA”, unfinished building (white carcass) is situated in Kakheti region (Eastern Georgia), in town Lagodekhi at the following address: No 189-191 Vashlovani street, at the central entrance of Lagodekhi sanctuary, on 547 metres height above sea level, inside of a very attractive natural and climate zone, that attracts a great number of scientist-biologists, tourists and visitors all the year round.

According to the stage of development of tourism in the country, it is presumable with high possibility, that town Lagodekhi will become one of the active touristic areas, by its wonderful conditions of tourism progress. In Lagodekhi, there are:

a) very well-maintained, wild nature throughout the region and especially Lagodekhi state forest reserve, which includes 26,000 hectares area, with very nice millennial woods, waterfalls, alpine pastures and lakes, very interesting and various flora and fauna. See full information about Lagodekhi state forest reserve on the web-page of the Protected Areas:

b) Very good climate all the year round, half-subtropical climate. Middle temperature - 14-16 grades in the winter and the summer, rare wind, snowy winter, yearly amount of precipitations – 1500-1700 milliliters and general amount of sunny days – 245 days in a year.

Also, it is very interesting and attractive, that the yard of suggested hotel includes 3, 0 hectares that is surrounded by Lagodekhi state forest reserve from the North and West sides of the hotel, along 700 metres of the territory. There are clean rivers on the both sides of the territory, at 300 metres distance from the hotel.

Drinking water (constant, high standard water, which is very unusual for Kakheti Region), electric power (electricity) and natural gas have been installed on the hotel territory.

The building was built in 1996-2008. The first, second and third floors were built up from iron-concrete (carcass). There is a high-ceiling garret (top story) on the 4th floor. The building’s carcass was filled up by constructive blocks and the east side of the building was decorated by high quality bricks. The building has a zinced tin-plate roof, where there are double heat-isolation and plaster under the roof. Electrical communications were made from the 4 square millimeters copper isolation cables. The building has 6 millimeters thick glass aluminum windows. The first floor’s ceiling height is 3, 50 meters, the second floor’s one – 3, 30 meters, the third floor’s one – 3, 30 meters, the garret’s ceiling height is 2, 0-3, 20 meters. All floors areas are located around central inside upstairs, which height is 9 meters. Such construction of upstairs makes an impression of the patio (inside yard). There is a musical (conference) hall on the second floor, which ceiling height is 4, 50 metres and zooms – 13, 0 x 8, 0 square meters.

The building has three balconies on the first, second and third floors, on the west side of the building. They are made by concrete monolithic floors and are based on the steel posts. The hotel has very nice view to the east, west and north sides, that faces Lagodekhi sanctuary and its mountainous landscape, mountains are covered by woods, millennial trees and alpine pastures, that make a wonderful view and to the south, there is a beautiful view of the Alazani Valley from the building. The hotel is quite near the capital – Tbilisi, a distance between Tbilisi and Lagodekhi is 140 kilometers, which takes 2 hours to get there, due to the high standard car roads. The hotel is 2 kilometers away from the centre of town Lagodekhi.

It is possible to build sport squares, playgrounds, horse stables, walking squares, the airdrome of departure for private airplanes (airdrome has been done incompletely), big puddle through passing water, water-mill, swimming pool, furniture for distillation of drinking vodka, thone – Georgian bakery and other infrastructural objects on the hotel’s territory.

The construction of the Georgian church was begun on the territory, which groundwork was sanctified by Nekresi bishop Sergi.

The hotel serves to take a look around remarkable places of Lagodekhi sanctuary and Kakheti historical monuments.

It is possible to sell the object with its whole territory or with one part of territory. Also, it is possible to realize the project by complicity form (for example: share transmission or joint company).

The project is very perspective. There are very interesting parameters in the project area. They are: well-maintained natural monument – Lagodekhi state forest reserve, wonderful climate, traditional fields of agriculture, for instance: viticulture – vintage; market – gardening – very famous cucumber and tomato of Lagodekhi; melon cultivation – water-melon and melon, nuts-trees, honey and well-arranged communications (electricity, natural gas, drinking water). The hotel is near Tbilisi – the capital.

The main factor of success is that development and lay a foundation of touristic infrastructure in Lagodekhi is beginning only now. This space is unused nowadays and factual competition doesn’t exist yet. So, a perspective of successful business is very real and attractive.

In this case, if the project is realized by form of complicity (partnership), it is possible to connect the agrotouristic object to the hotel. It is a 20 hectares area farm, which is at 4 kilometers distance from the hotel. The farm includes: 5, 0 hectares nuts-trees garden, 4, 0 hectares vineyard, 2, 0 hectares fruit garden, 2, 0 hectares forest and 7, 0 hectares arable land.

It is a particular effect if you see the object with your own eyes during any season of a year.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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